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    The purpose of the reference system is to build up a community of individuals who are loyal and trusthworthy. Who act as a gentlemen to the escort girls, knowing that despite their jobs, these girls are still human beings with emotions, dreams and wishes. These girls are dealing with the struggles in life in their own way and they should be respected for that.

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    If any misconduct is performed by you or your behavior is unethical in any way, you will risk a temporary or permanent ban.

    Misconduct can be either in the form of harassing, hurting or stealing from the girls, or in the form of providing incorrect information, like false reviews. Unethical behavior can be insulting, racistic and/or degrading comments on this or any other website. Any behavior that seriously can damage the reputation of this website, the girls is considered unethical.

    To be clear; members will not be penalized for giving a honest, negative review about a girl; however even bad reviews can be given in a respectful and constructive manner.

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    Registration does not require any personal information; nor does it require your phone number, wechat ID or e-mail address. Except for your IP Address; you will remain anonymous. We do not share *any* information regarding your visit with any third parties. Passwords are one-way encrypted and cannot be viewed or decrypted by me or anyone else.

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    You are welcome to sign up and stalk and only use the information we provide without giving back; however we strongly want to promote active participation from our members. Either by using the services provided, giving references to other gentlemen and/or placing reviews. Users who only 'lurk' will be removed after a certain time period. Any contribution will increase your expiration date.

    Your account will expire in 45 days if you do not actively contribute to the website one way or the other.

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